45min:$115 | 60min:$160 | 90min:$215


Japanese Seitai, known as “Bone Therapy,” is a profound healing and therapeutic massage technique originating from Japan. It offers effective relief for postural issues, neck, and spinal conditions without resorting to direct manipulation of the spine. 


45min:$115 | 60min:$160 | 90min:$215


Shiatsu massage is one of our most popular treatments at our city Sensu Spa branch and we are excited to introduce it to our Daylesford Spa visitors. Your therapists rebalances and harmonisines your body’s natural energy flow, releasing blockages and re-energising your mind and soul.


45min:$125 | 60min:$180 | 90min:$250


We are thrilled to announce that we are now available for Remedial Massage that are eligible for private health fund rebates. If you have specific musculoskeletal concerns or injuries, we encourage you to make an advance booking for a Remedial Massage session. 


45min:$115 | 60min:$160 | 90min:$215
Experience the epitome of relaxation and healing through our Aromatherapy treatments, which entail indulgent oil massages. Crafted with the utmost care, these treatments employ premium essential oil blends to provide deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and targeted relief for exhausted athletes or those seeking detoxification.
Surrender and let us take you on a journey of pure relaxation and melt away your everyday stresses and worries with one of our massages.
Select from relaxation to unwind, relax, and recharge. Deep tissue to ease tension, aches and “knots”. Our signature hot stone massage to soothe, relax and de-stress your muscles and body or try our hot oil massage with warmed oil soothingly massaged into your muscles and body.
You will leave feeling completely serene and tranquil.
30min:$110 | 45min:$150
Foot massage can contribute to both physical and mental well-being. Start with aromatic ‘Lemon myrtle & Himalayan salt’ scrub, followed by our soothing massage with ‘Frankincense & Orange’ foot cream to finish your relaxing treatment with us.
45min:$115 | 60min:$160 | 90min:$215


Unwind, relax and recharge with our indulgent full body massage. A luxuriously nourishing and soothing all over body experience. 


Ease tension and aches deep within the muscle layers with our Deep Tissue massage. Specially targeting areas of chronic pain and tenderness your therapist will use slow, smooth, deep, strokes to release tension and “knots”.
45min:$125 | 60min:$180 | 90min:$250
45min:$125 | 60min:$180 | 90min:$250
Our beautiful gentle prenatal massage is focussed on reducing stress, relieve swelling in the arms and legs and relaxing your muscles and joints, increasing circulation, boosting hydration and supporting skin elasticity.
45min:$125 | 60min:$180 | 90min:$250
Relax your body and mind and melt away as your therapist massages a carefully selected blend of herbal oils soothingly warmed into your muscles and body.
45min:$125 | 60min:$180 | 90min:$250
Let us take you on a journey of pure relaxation, and melt away your everyday stresses and worries with our hot stone massage.
How to book with your guest online?

To book online with friends or family,
follow these simple steps:

  1.  Click the ‘Book Online’ button on this page.
  2.  Choose your preferred service and duration from the list, then click ‘Book Now’.
  3.  A small window will appear. In this window, you’ll find a section labeled ‘Add more people’. Click on it to specify the number of people you’d like to book for.

*If you intend to book for two or more individuals, each requiring different treatments, please book separately for each person under their names, phone number, and email address. Additionally, please make separate deposits for each booking. Then leave a note to mention this person is your guest and request a same room.



Unfortunately our online booking system does not provide an option to input your voucher code and requires online deposit. If you’re comfortable with making a temporary deposit to secure the booking, please proceed and bring your voucher with you on the day of your visit. Rest assured, we will promptly process a refund for your deposit. Alternatively, you may also reach out to us via phone or email to make alternative arrangements with your voucher code.



We understand that schedules do change, however we ask that you give us at least 7 days’ notice. Please call us on 03 5348 2331 during business hours if you need to alter or cancel your appointment.
Cancellation fees are never any fun, however, as the booked time is reserved just for you with our amazing therapists, cancellations and late changes affects their hours and pay and incur costs to us as a small business. Therefore, any bookings cancelled or changed within 7 days will incur a 50% charge of treatment value. Cancellations or changes within 48 hours or without notice or no-shows will incur the full treatment fee.
If we can fill your booking with another client, we will not charge you a fee at all, the more notice we have the better the chance we have to fill that spot and reduce the fee for you.

Kindly leave a detailed voice message or send an email with your request if you were unable to talk to our reception staff directly. If you are cancelling, please include the booking date and time. If you wish to reschedule, please provide the booking date and time along with your preferred rescheduling date. Please note that if we cannot verify any previous contact history, we may be unable to process changes without incurring penalties.

If we can fill your booking with another client, we will not charge you a fee except for the payment processing fee that we are charged for processing your payment, the more notice we have the better the chance we have to fill that spot and reduce the fee for you.



A administration fee of $25 per person up to a maximum of $50 will be deducted from all refund requests to cover the cost of payment processing and the handling of refund.


  • We cannot perform any treatments if you are in the first trimester of pregnancy. Failure to notify about your pregnancy may result in the forfeiture of your booking, with a penalty equal to the full booking cost being applied. ‘Pregnancy massage’ (or Pregnancy massage under the booking name of ‘Remedial massage’) and  ‘Mums to be package’ can be booked if you are in 2nd or 3rd trimester.
  • If you have compromised immune system, blood clots, or any serious medical conditions, kindly acquire a medical certificate from your doctor.
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your treatment starts to complete any formalities required. If you are late, we may shorten your session duration.