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our Stress Relieving selection

Foot Treatment

This treatment has been specifically designed to pamper your hard-working feet. It includes a gentle exfoliation, heal rasping and a relaxing massage of your feet

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Hand Treatment

Rejuvenate and re-energise your hands with this specially designed treatment. It includes a gentle exfoliation, hydrating hand mask and a relaxing hand & lower arm

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Relaxation Massage

Unwind, relax and recharge with our indulgent full body massage. A luxuriously nourishing and soothing all over body experience. Surrender to complete relaxation as your

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Deep Tissue Massage

Ease tension and aches deep within the muscle layers with our Deep Tissue massage. Specially targeting areas of chronic pain and tenderness your therapist will

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Hot Stone Massage

Let us take you on a journey of pure relaxation, and melt away your everyday stresses and worries with our hot stone massage. An indulgent

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Hot Oil Massage

Relax your body and mind and melt away as your therapist massages a carefully selected blend of herbal oils soothingly warmed into your muscles and

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